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Miwon Lecture

The Miwon Lecture invites international scholars, world leaders, and civic society's practitioners to help cultivate future global leaders with a foundation in the history and traditions of Kyung Hee University. The name of these lectures is taken from "Miwon," the pen name of Kyung Hee University's founder Dr. Young Seek Choue. To date, the honored speakers have been Professor Paul M. Kennedy of Yale University, former UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura, and Professor Fred Block of the University of California at Davis. The lecture and the following roundtable discussion are recorded and published in book form.

NO.5 05.01.2012

Origins of the Current Crisis of Global Modernity

Fred L. Bloack, Professor of Sociology, UC DAVIS


2011.9.26  Orbis Hall, Kyung Hee University

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